24 inch telescope - completion of secondary cage

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24 inch telescope - completion of secondary cage

文章 Chanlunlun » 週日 11 4月, 2004 09:07

Dear ATMs,

The secondary mirror cage has been completed. It comprises some features that are not common to ordinary telescope.

1. Eight legs spider – to support the heavy 4 inch secondary. The alignment is activated by adjusting the tension screws at the ends of the legs.
2. A 「sinking」 platform for the intruding focuser. It makes the secondary cage look ugly. But it saves money since we no longer need to use a monstrous 6 inch diagonal mirror. At the same time we get more light energy, advantageous for deep sky observing.
3. A folding front and rear ring – they can be folded when not in use, saving space during transporting to site.
4. The whole cage will be covered by black cloth, to block off stray light while undergoing observation.

The most important factor is to make the secondary cage as light weight as possible, hence the above features. A light secondary cage will lower the center of gravity of the whole telescope and thus increases the overall stability.

At the same time the primary mirror box has also been completed. The only thing left to do to complete the OTA are the Siruss struss, which are scheduled to be finished within one or two days. By that time the whole assembly can be put into a star test.

Best regards

Chan Yuk Lun
The finished secondary cage. You could see the 「sinking」 platform for the intruding focuser ( looks ugly ) and the eight legs spider. In addition the attached 4 inch secondary mirror is also visible.
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