The making of 30 inch telescope - 1, arrival of mirror blank

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XR250 寫: Beside money and schedule, do you have any contingency plan for the 1" glass?
Can you share your plan with us?
Dear Mr. XR250,

1" thickness is rather sufficient for safety handling and so we do not have any contigency plan.

However we do have a contigency plan for silvering of the mirror - in case silvering fail ( which is quite difficult to happen ) we are ready for another round ( we are sure we have siufficuent silver nitrate on hand ) immediately.

For your information here is my planning that I would like to share with you :-

1.Construction of human fresh mirror grinding, polishing and figuring machine. It's nearly completed at the moment.

2. Load sharing time table for each student of the human fresh grinding machine.

3. Plenty and plenty of #40 carborandum for rough grinding of mirror. ( 50 lbs may be !! )

4. Hard working, hard working and hard working for 3 hours per day, 6 days per week.

Here's my planning at the moment. I'm welcoming your comment, if any.

Best regards
Chan Yuk Lun


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