2018 June 24 Sun

各類觀測太陽的儀器介紹及太陽攝影 Solarmax
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2018 June 24 Sun

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2018 June 24 Sun

AR12716 is on the W limb with 2 or 3 barely visible sunspot among bright faculae. Jets from AR12713 appear and go off-disc.
AR12715 roughly midway between disc centre and W limb, with several well deveoped susnpots. Flare activity has somewhat subsided.
A large patch of filament and plages appear NE of the solar disc, with a very long filament running northward.
Unfortunately, observation is abruptly ended by a brief shower when I am setting up for close-up imaging.

As the slow motion is still unavailable, I have to continue with push or pull the telescope to put the image in field. This task becomes very tedious when working on close-up imaging, and I have to use very short exposures (thus high gain) to avoid blur images.

Telescope: AP Starfire EDT 155 mm f/9.
stopped to 80 mm (f/17.5) for disc images, with 4X telecentric lens (f/36) for closeups
filter: Solar Spectrum SO1.5/0.3A with CERF prefilter
Camera: ASI1600MM, 4656X3520 pixels (3.8 micron), binned 2
North is up, east is to the left.
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[Good Job] [Good Job]


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