24 inch mirror grinding started

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24 inch mirror grinding started

文章 Chanlunlun » 週三 04 2月, 2004 20:49

Dear ATMs,

After so many delay the grinding of 24 inch mirror was started yesterday (Monday). Undoubtedly we wish to rough out the required f/3.5 curve as quickly as possible and hence we use #40 carborandum instead of #80. Fine grinding will be started from #80 onwards. We have decided to grind the mirror at the school lawn because it is close to the water supply and the grass land will not ( hopefully ) damage the mirror in case it falls onto the ground.

In the first day of work it seemed that one boy could barely push the mirror, if the big mirror is push-pulled by two boys at the same time the efficiency will be much higher. The drawback is, of course, we need two manpower rather than one.

The cold and rainy weather yesterday and today prohibited us from carry on with the grinding. Hopefully weather will turn warm and sunny soon so that we don not need to wait for a long time before resume to work.

Best regards

Chan Yuk Lun
The 24 inch mirror is rough grinded by the classical MOT tangential stroke as can be seen in this photo. Although rather power consuming, one boy was still able to manage this monster. The rough grinding was being done with no.40 carbo instead of no. 80 t
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文章 豆豸苗 » 週三 04 2月, 2004 20:52

no.40 carbo must be very noisy. ^^
Wah! has tried to use no. 30 carbo before and that hurt his finger! ^^|

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文章 Wah! » 週三 04 2月, 2004 20:59



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